Holiday Property Management System

Holiday property owners and lettings agencies need a powerful bookings, property management and administration system, one that operates seamlessly with their back office processes whilst also taking advantage of the benefits of being web based.

The BookworX development platform has been developed from the ground up by Tanist and provides a wide range of standard property availability, bookings management, maintenance, marketing, reporting functionality in the base system. It also offers the option of adding the fully integrated client accounting module to more extensively meet your business needs. BookworX is a traditional 'off the shelf' system, it can be be-spoked and is aimed at holiday property lettings agencies that are focussed on gaining market advantage and need to be able to build a bespoke system that is developed to meet their unique requirements but without having to pay for the system to be built from scratch.

BookworX provides a high level of functionality within the base system to give you a head start and you are charged a subscription to use the system. The subscription cost is based on either a 'per property' or 'unlimited properties' support subscription licence model. What makes BookworX different to most others systems is that we agree a development licence contract term of either 3 or 5 years and at the end of the contract you have ownership of the code on your server. We will work with you to make changes to the system that are in line with your specific business requirements. Those system changes can be completed by our development team or alternatively, we will support your own developers to do the work.

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Why Choose BookworX

BookworX is a comprehensive property lettings management system that enables agencies to easily maintain the property information, booking details, client account, commission and payments. BookworX can run as a standalone administration system or behind your lettings website using the systems Application Programing Interface (API). The API is provided free of charge and enables BookworX to instantly reflect the state of online bookings within its property calendar and to record receipts and payments as they are made through your web site. BookworX has been developed on a Product as a Service model and deployed on your own dedicated cloud hosted infrastructure for maximum data integrity, security and performance. As Tanist is not a letting agency itself so we have no conflicting agenda on where development will go in the future.

Property Management

Simply manage all aspects of your properties and the information displayed on your website for each property including images, extras, descriptions, prices, availability and special offers. Control how your properties can be shown on portal websites. Keep track of maintenance on the properties, highlighting maintenance events on the property calendar along with tenant or owner bookings. Property SEO can be controlled from BookworX to make sure you get high visibility on all search platforms. Manage caretakers, owners, electricians or any other contact for each property. Search for availability across all properties on specific dates or Holidays. View the property statement and see the booking income and expenses. You can manage a property and not let it or let it without maintaining it. BookworX can track the property finances either way. You can control which properties are shown on your website but still manage bookings even if they aren’t shown. Show booking history for previous years and monitor the take-up. Produce property statements.

Property Details

Property Statement

The system provides functions to manage the property account.

Bookings Management including calendar, groups, attractions, rebooking & history

As soon as a customer starts making a booking online you can access it in BookworX. If a customer rings up with a question, your staff can access their booking and continue the process over the phone. The booking detail shows you the party leader, a list of who they are bringing down, any extras they have chosen and the costs. Enter payments into BookworX directly or from the website via our API. See details of all payments made or refunded, the outstanding balance and when their balance is due. As the booking progresses the system can generate automatic emails to the tenant or to any other email addresses. Your can view emails already sent, log feedback and make it available on your website via the API.

The calendar is kept constantly up to date with all bookings and current prices, whether taken via the website (using the API) or entered directly into BookworX. The calendar extends beyond the current year to show booking history or future availability. Bookings or reservations can be made directly from the calendar and immediately updates the website.

One of the more advanced features allows properties to be grouped together to cater for large families and groups who wish to be near each other but still want to be able to escape to their own place.

Help entice your potential customers to book with you by showing them what attractions and events are nearby to your properties. BookworX can record details of local events and provide this information to your website.

You can also invite customers who have previously booked rebook the equivalent week next year before anyone else. Show your customer that you value their loyalty with you. Immediate rebooking for future years is possible.

Property Calendar Display

Bookings List Display

Property Bookings List Display


The system automatically sends emails when triggered by key system events in the booking process and these are based on customisable templates. We build in trigger events and some templates but you can add more of each as required. Every email sent through BookworX is logged and traced to ensure delivery. When a customer rings in with a question regarding their booking, your staff can see the exact email that was sent and walk them through any minor detail with confidence.

Automated Email Control

Change History

BookworX keeps a track of changes to the properties, bookings, people and financial transactions - every change is recorded with the person making the change and when it occurred.

People Management

This works like a CRM, where you can keep track of your tenants and contacts. Find people by name, postcode, telephone or email. See how many times the tenants have come back to you and which properties they have booked. Manage the properties they clean or look after for you. You can see what newsletters they've signed up to and been sent, how they found you or their entire booking history.

Customer Details

Brochure Requests Management

You can integrate your brochure requests on your website straight into BookworX. Your staff don't need to receive emails informing them of a new request. A notification is shown when there are outstanding requests and can be easily dismissed when a brochure is sent.

Property Maintenance Management

You can store information about maintenance aspects of the property, such as the location of the stopcock, where the meter is, what day the bin collection is, which caretaker has been assigned to the property, is there an alarm and what the code is. You can also log maintenance jobs against the property, or show building works happening nearby and display these on the property calendar.

Marketing, discounts, special offers and pricing

Send marketing newsletters and setup search landing pages. Keep in contact with potential customers by letting them know your latest offers and deals as well as local events. A powerful rules based pricing system allows you to keep control over pricing.


The system has a built-in report generator but also includes a comprehensive range of over 100 bookings, property, management and marketing reports giving access to up to date bookings information. They can detail everything about a property, including upcoming bookings, finances, keys collection and return. You can also see how well a property has performed year on year (occupancy report). The system generates both owner and property statements.

If you take the optional accounting module, there are extensive reports available with financial information provided both in summary and in detail; these include income and expenditure, client bank asset and agency liabilities reconcilation. Reports can be customised and then saved with parameter inputs to build automatic forms to make running them simpler in the future. You can view the report results on screen for display or printing plus export the output as CSV file.

Bookings Payments

Accounting Module (available at additional cost)

Record booking payments and refunds. Record invoices from suppliers and see outstanding invoices or track payments already made. Invoice the client account for booking fees, admin charges and commission whenever you want. Generate end of month statements for owners and record payments to or from the owner. Follow the current financial status of the property and see how much money is available on a property. Manage ownership of properties and allocate funds across property sales. Keep track of the client bank account using our bank reconciliation reports. Write cheques and record bank transfers. Keep up-to-the-minute financial history on all bookings, properties, tenants, suppliers, owners and commissions.

The optional accounting module has the following main functions:

  • Purchasing and Payments for owners, customers & suppliers
  • Supplier invoices and remittances
  • Client account bank reconciliation (payments and receipts)
  • Owner statement & payment processing
  • Month-end:
    • Booking fees
    • Admin fees
    • Insurance fees
    • Agency income
  • Financial reporting:
    • Income and expenditure
    • Financial summary
    • Client bank liabilities reconciliation
    • Bank payments reconciliation
    • Commissions
    • Unreconciled items
    • Transaction history

Application Programming Interface (API)

BookworX has an API that allows you to integrate data directly from your system data into your website. This is included in the base system subscription at no extra cost. BookworX’s API provides access to:

  • Property
    • Details
    • Availability
    • Pricing
    • Special offers
    • Images
    • Features & facilities
  • Booking
    • Search
    • Create
    • Update
    • Logging of payments/transactions
  • People (Owners / Customers)
    • Search
    • Create
    • Update
  • Attractions
    • List

System Costs

The BookworX development platform is provided as a 'Product as a Service' and the subscription cost is based on the number of properties (charges are banded in ranges of 'up to 100, 'from 101 to 400', 'and over 400') or an 'unlimited' property basis for agencies that want a consistent cost irrespective of the number of properties they manage. We provide the BookworX API, allowing you to integrate data between BookworX and your web site, free of charge. The development licence that allows you develop the system and to gain ownership of the code is charged over a 3 or 5 year term. Any custom development that is needed to meet specific business requirements will be costed for you to approve before any work is done. Alternatively if you have your own development team, with significant experience with the Ruby on Rails programming framework we will provide developer support to them.

System Implementation

Our team will guide you through the implementation, system configuration, key staff training and provide you with guidance on the import of existing bookings system data. Your BookworX system will need to be hosted on a dedicated hosting server and the hosting costs are charged based on the amount of data stored and the monthly bandwidth used by accessing the system from your office(s). If you want to make use of the Tanist Hosting Service we will provide you with an estimated monthly cost based on the minimum server specification required, however if system usage increases we will provide recommendations on how you need to upgrade to ensure the best user experience.

The system charges and implementation costs for training key staff, data import etc are tailored to each agency.

We will work hard to make the transistion from your existing PMS over to BookworX as smooth as possible but it is vital that you carefully assign key staff roles during the implementation. We will provide key user training either at our offices or remotely over the web depending on your location, ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and helpdesk phone / remote support on either an ad-hoc or managed support contract basis.

Integrated Bookings Web Site Development

To make sure that the BookworX system has direct access to the latest customer, property and bookings information, we can also build a bespoke public facing availability and bookings web site and if needed a customer portal. These take advantage of our integration API that provides access from your web site direct into the BookworX database and vice versa.

Integration with Online Travel Agencies & Channel Managers

We are currently working with Rentivo to allow BookworX agencies to make use of their channel management system to publish properties to a number of OTAs.