Destination Marketing Camera Streaming

Live streaming HD web cameras present businesses with exciting new opportunities. For tourism businesses and visitor attractions a live stream camera can drive up visitor numbers and awareness at local and national level. For other businesses live streaming can present monitoring or security benefits that can improve performance or save money. Tanist has over 10 years’ experience in providing innovative HD web camera solutions. Our service is tailored to each location and our professional team will design, install and manage your camera ensuring you have the right live streaming solution for your business.

Tanist provide destination marketing camera streaming solutions across:

  • Visitor Attractions and Leisure Facilities adventure centres, tourist attractions, gold clubs and sporting centres.
  • Tourism Locations – beaches, harbours, estuaries and key coastal or in-land viewing locations.
  • Hotels and Holiday Homes – single or multiple cameras to stream views or hotel activities.
  • Monitoring Points – installing live streaming cameras to support observation and security activities.

Tanist Destination Marketing Camera Streaming support is tailored to your specific needs and includes:

  • Specialist Consultancy and Problem Solving reviewing your location and business needs and specifying innovative solution options to match your budget.
  • Camera Installation – our ‘in-house’ team with full technical expertise providing professional installation and onsite configuration and operation support.
  • Streamcaster Hosting – utilising Tanist’s specialist video hosting platform, compatible with mobile devices ensuring high quality streaming under high loads.
  • Maintenance and Support – ongoing monitoring, guidance and maintenance aligned with priority access to our professional support team.
  • Systems Integration – technical support to ensure your camera streaming and operational systems are fully ‘joined up’ with your office and mobile systems.
  • New Technology Applications – guidance and advice on SMART technology and WiFi digital innovations that could improve the benefits or reach of your camera.

We use HikVision cameras which are a world leader in outdoor camera technology.

To access the Tanist Destination Marketing Camera Streaming Service, all you need to do is

Call or email and we can discuss your requirements and how Tanist's engineering team could support you.

We’ll usually arrange a survey visit to assess your current infrastructure and needs in order to present you with a formal support proposal within 5 working days.


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